This guide will take you through the current features of Colligo GIS by Coleman Engineering Company (CEC). Updates will be completed frequently as the platform develops, so please check back often.

The Colligo GIS platform consists of two main components, a web/desktop editor and a mobile data-collector. Each component has its own strengths and uses, but with consistent overall feel. Both tools live-sync with MS SQL Server and between field devices.

The platform is currently in use by a diverse set of groups with unique uses and goals. Some examples are County GIS Systems, Utility Providers and 911 services. Let's talk about how it could help streamline your processes.

Here's a quick feature list for the platform:

Colligo GIS: Desktop

  • Feature Creation/Editing
  • User-based Edit Rights
  • Search & Reporting
  • Change Verification/Approval System
  • Measurement Tools
  • Automated Parcel Mapping Features
  • No Software Installations

Colligo GIS: Mobile

  • For Windows, Android and iOS
  • Automatic Online/Offline Syncing
  • Feature Creation/Editing
  • Per-feature Photo Attachments
  • Search & Navigation (Turn-by-Turn Available)
  • Custom Offline Basemaps
  • User-based Edit Rights


CEC is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm with offices in Iron Mountain and Ironwood, Michigan and Green Bay, Wisconsin. Founded in 1969, the firm has continually provided a variety of professional services to municipalities, government agencies, historical/cultural entities and commercial/industrial clients.

Through our extensive experience in the use of ESRI ArcGIS®, Autodesk®, Bentley® MicroStation, Trimble® and web-based GIS services, our multiple disciplines have created and implemented many exceptional GIS solutions. Our consulting services will enable your organization to fully explore the benefits GIS has to offer.

CEC has a wide range of services available to benefit a variety of industries. Whether you have existing data or you are just ready to start collecting, CEC can lead you through the process and help you establish a GIS platform for years to come.